Oil, Gas & Energy

Our Approach

WCT Inc. has provided assistance to the oil, gas and energy industries for over three decades. Oil and gas production and processing may call for many different applications of balance between industry and wildlife. When what is under the earth is brought to the surface and then managed above ground a lot of area is utilized. Shared territory with wildlife means well thought out planning as to how to coexist in that environment. Our wildlife experts provide turn key solutions to complex issues successfully which allows you to move forward on your project or process.

Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Phone consultations and plan review
  • Site visits and a custom designed approach for your unique situation
  • Recommendations for approaches to meeting regulatory agency requirements
  • Installation of a netting system quickly, safely and on budget
  • On-site training and orientation for your staff on the care for your installed system
  • Follow up visits and system check for your installed system after 30 days
  • One year guarantee on all installed systems (one cycle through all seasons)
  • Other wildlife issues related to reclamation can be addressed
  • Nuisance pests affecting operations
  • Protected species identification and training to staff
  • Oil spill wildlife hazing kits
  • Complex netting systems with elevated pipe and rail over process ponds
  • Earth anchors and grid systems over process ponds
  • Installing HDPE spheres (Bird Balls tm) to cover HDPE lined ponds
  • HDPE lined ponds are our specialty and we pride ourselves on being able to cover them with 100% guaranteed effective systems that work to keep birds and wildlife out and regulating agencies satisfied

The benefits to using WCT Inc. are simple, we have the track record of success and can act quickly to meet your regulatory agency deadlines. We will mobilize anywhere in the U.S. and can get your needs addressed. When you team with us, you get the quality and experience of a company that will do what is needed and turn it around to you so you can do what you do best.





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