Military Bases & Installations

Our Approach

WCT Inc. has been providing assistance to the military for over three decades with projects all over the US. Military bases have a wide array of issues that they might face regarding wildlife, from the hazing of flocking birds for reduction of risk to birdstrike to covering waterways adjacent to the airfields on bases to installing netting systems over work or storage areas in buildings and hangar ceilings, we can provide you with the solution you need to your unique problem.

  • Site assessments and needs determination
  • Specific species identification and custom solution recommendations
  • Consultations on Bird Balls ™ and their potential to solve your issue
  • Supplier of pyrotechnics and training for your personnel to perform active hazing
  • Services to decrease habitation for flocking birds and water fowl
  • Active assistance in the long term success of your airfield to provide clear air for travel

The benefits of using our company are summed up in the fact that we have over three decades of experience understanding the species you are dealing with and the ability to provide a custom tailored approach to managing your unique situation. Our background is in wildlife biology from our inception and our experience in working with the military gives us an advantage in understanding the specific wildlife you might have including deer, coyotes, foxes, ground squirrels, voles as well as a host of flocking birds and water fowl. We have the expertise to offer solutions to keep safety a priority and partner toward your success.





Client Projects