Food Processing Industry

Our Approach

WCT Inc. is based in the center of the World’s largest agricultural region. Facilities related to this industry permeate this region with packing houses, distribution warehouses, processing plants and cold storage facilities to name a few.

We have been providing solutions for complex issues related to the food processing industry for over three decades. Where there is food, there is the threat of contamination through disease and pathogens from the wildlife that share the same environment.

Some of the services that our clients seek us out for include:

  • On site evaluation to determine problem
  • Recommendation for solving the issue
  • Expert staff to quickly provide the products and service that you need
  • Experience to get it done right while hindering your operation the least
  • Follow up to assure that the solution has been successful
  • A partnership for success to help you as your operation grows and expands

The benefit of working with WCT Inc. is that when you join forces with us against your issues, you can rest assured that your solution is on the way. We have an active research and development approach that keeps us on the cutting edge with techniques and methods that evolve with the species and their habits to provide relevant answers to current issues that you are facing.

Need a boost of hope because you have exhausted every effort to manage your problem and come up short every time?
Just shoot our food processing expert a note in the form to the right and leverage our decades of experience to solve your problem.




Client Projects