California Environmental Quality Act Compliance

Our Approach

When it comes to facing challenges with your project and compliance to the CEQA we are here to help with years of experience and a proven track record of success our team can provide the expertise you need to tackle any of the following:

  • Inspect project site and determine species and resources in proximity
  • Make recommendations for evicting protected birds and bats from a project site
  • Install custom solutions that work for your unique situation
  • Meet your required specs for mitigation at your project
  • Keep you in compliance and your project moving forward
  • Provide reporting for you to keep available for an agency inspection
  • Act as expert liaison between you and the enforcing agency

The benefit of having WCT Inc. on your project is that you will be able to focus on your project with little needed from us once a contract is signed as we take it from there. From meetings with California Department of Fish and Game, to fielding calls from US Fish and Wildlife, we are familiar with the process and the species you are sharing space with to put you in the right positioning for a project without halts or delays for reasons that are many times due to an oversight in the development process.

We can provide per-day reporting that keeps you up to date on the installation of exclusions and that moves the resource out of the project path and clear of any harm prior to nesting season. These engagements are crucial with regard to timing and we are a company that acts fast to do what is needed to meet the requirements that are in place, and correspond as your resident expert with the agencies on your behalf.




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